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yadcf : allows the user to easily add filter components to table columns

Tags :

Plugin rate :

  • This plug-in works on top of the DataTables jQuery plug-in. Support DataTables 1.10.0
  • Support all data source: DOM, Javascript, Ajax and server-side processing (1.10.0)



  • Various filter options:

    • select input
    • multiple selection input
    • text input
    • autocomplete input - make use of the jQuery UI Autocomplete widget (with some enhancements)
    • date input - make use of the jQuery UI Datepicker widget (with some enhancements)
    • range of numbers
    • range of numbers with slider widget - make use of the jQuery UI Slider widget (with some enhancements)
    • range of dates - make use of the jQuery UI Datepicker widget (with some enhancements)



  • Parsing various types of columns:

    • plain text
    • plain text with delimiter
    • one or more HTML elements with the ability to extract text / value / id from each HTML element



  • Multiple tables support



  • CSS support:

    • each filter element has got a css style class , so its style can be easily overridden



  • Reset button for filter:

    • next to each filter a reset button will appear (this button allows the user to reset the filter)



  • Filter in use visual notification:

    • when a certain filter is being used it will be highlighted (the color of highlight can easily be changed with css)



  • Miscellaneous:

    • integration with the Chosen plugin (for single and multiple select)
    • filter delay (for text / range_number / range_date filters / range_number_slider)
    • predefined data source for filter (array of strings or objects)
    • mData support (including deeply nested objects)
    • ability to place the filter in an external html element (for example: inside a div element)
    • ability to control matching mode of the filter (Possible values: contains / exact / startsWith)
    • change the filter's default label (Select value, etc)
    • change the filter's reset button text (x, clear etc)
    • define how the values in the filter will be sorted
    • define the order in which the values in the filter will be sorted
    • support all major browser (including IE8)
    • define in which date format the date will be parsed and displayed in datepicker widget
    • support aoColumns { "bVisible": false }
    • support for case sensitive filtering



  • External API functions:

    • exFilterColumn: Allows to trigger filter/s externally/programmatically (support ALL filter types!!!) , perfect for showing table with pre filtered columns

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    >= 1.7
    Current version
    Browsers compatibility
    Google ChromeIE 8IE 9Mozilla FirefoxOperaSafari
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